Leung Hiu Yan, Chris - Advanced Diploma in Visual Merchandising – Graduated in 2013
After graduated from ASVM with an advanced diploma, I'm now working in a Global Italy fashion brand to handles over 30 shops in Asia.  The program definitely inspired students in certain level, and open up another point of view to all those people who are interested in Visual Merchandising, through study in design theory and solid particular training.  Students were able to get a better understanding of the industry and plan for their career path.
I'd like to give a big thanks to the Society and tutors, for their patient and education; the Society is definitely one of the most professional platforms for beginner to start their career in visual merchandising.

Zara Yeh - Advanced Diploma in Visual Merchandising – Graduated in 2013 
When I first started as a Visual Merchandiser, I have struggled to create and implicate window and merchandise display at work.  Therefore, I took the opportunity to study the Advance Diploma of Visual Merchandising at ASVM to further equip myself with the knowledge on visual merchandising. 
This course was constructed in a structural flow that allowed me to learn the basic fundamental knowledge and explored the method on how to apply the concepts in action.  With the trainers' expert teaching and constructive criticisms on our projects, I gained more experience and understanding on visual merchandising. 
Today, I am still continuing to use the knowledge that I earned from this course to effectively apply it into my job.  This course has truly helped me to become a more professional Visual Merchandiser.

Janet Wong - Advanced Diploma in Visual Merchandising - Graduated in 2012
I had been working in Marketing Industries for many years.  To raise my competence, I sought some courses related to Retail Industry.  By a chance, I found ASVM's advertisement that provides VM course.  I thought it maybe interested.  So, I took the Advanced Diploma of Visual Merchandising in 2011 and found out that VM is much more than I thought.  It covers its design principles, concept, which I never get in touch at all before.  With professional trainers' background, I have learnt a lot from art history, illustration, colors, lighting & designs and much more.  The best thing is that I was willing to work with my classmates as a team build a window display together within the workshop.  From design to finish, we did research and learning from each other, which I never done this before and think it is very amazed and practical.  I would totally recommend the VM course to my friends or anyone wants to start their VM career.  

Chloe Cheong - Graduated in 2012

Ann Yu - Nexgen Packaging Co. - Graduated in December 2009
2006年于明报阅得有关商品展示设计师的数据,以及此行业的工作范畴及前景介绍;读后觉得此行业蛮有挑战性。刚巧当时工作并不顺利,又想报读一个进修课程自我增值,倒不如试试看,尝试找一条新出路!和会长Daniel Wan了解过VM 究竟是什么一回事,便决定于ASVM报读此课程。
课程首部份以基本理论为主,到后期更会有不同的实习机会: 插画绘图、颜色配对、仿真的橱窗设计等等,我们可以'落手落脚'去做,从中可以加强各人实战经验。多才多艺的导师们用心指导,让我们得到多方面的知识。我乐意对VM有兴趣的朋友推荐报读ASVM课程!

Grace Wu - EIG Global (HK) Ltd - Graduated in December 2007
My first time to coming across Asia Society of Visual Merchandisers (ASVM) was through an article posted in Recruit in 2006.  I was impressed by the term VM - Visual Merchandising, which sounded interesting and seemed like something I would enjoy doing.  I registered to the Society's VM course soon after and since then my passion for visual merchandising has grown.  This course is really practical! Lecturers are professional and experienced in production work, retailing, design and most importantly, the VM industry.  This course gave me the opportunity to try many new things and enriched my horizons!  Last year, I began searching for a new job related to retailing. I discovered the VM Diploma was very helpful for my job interviews as it enhanced my personal background.

Ada Lo - VM in a department store - Completed Certificate I in Visual Merchandising in March 2009